2020 was something, wasn’t it? In between school closures, uncertain return dates and managing teaching responsibilities (virtually and in-person), 2021 isn’t letting up so far for our teachers across the UK.

Whilst there is now a concerted effort to roll out the vaccine, teachers still are very much part of the front-line effort tackling this pandemic. Managing extremely busy lives right now, we know that looking after your mental wellbeing is often the thing teachers need, but the hardest thing to find time for.

Here’s where we come in. Our partner, Champion Health, has devised three tips that take a maximum of 10 minutes to perform, but can help to improve your mental wellbeing:

1. Create routine

COVID-19 and lockdown has thrown many peoples’ routines out of the window. However, even the smallest task you make into a routine can help regain some control in your life, and allow you to celebrate the small wins. Whether that’s a 2-minute mindfulness session first thing, making your bed in the morning, or heading out for a 10-minute walk after the school day ends, the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

2. Talk to yourself the way you would talk to a friend

Sometimes, when we’re under pressure or times are tough, we can often be hard on ourselves. If you find you’re saying negative things to yourself, take a deep breath in, and question yourself – “would I tell a friend this?” If not, then reframe what you were about to say to yourself. Remember that you deserve compassion right now.

3. Reach out

If you’re struggling, book in a quick chat with a trusted colleague, friend or family member. We often say that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, and discussing feelings can bring down any stress you may be experiencing. (Bonus tip – chats are often best with a cup of tea to hand!)

Whilst these tips won’t solve the situation we’re in, it can make things slightly more bearable. Remember that you’re doing one of the most important jobs out there, and you are deserving of a healthy and thriving mind.